Property Tax Payment Options

Payment Options

Online Banking

Online payments of property taxes are available through most financial institutions (Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, CIBC, TD, Caisse Populaire). You can pay your property tax bills online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online payment are transmitted overnight and, in most cases, is posted to your account within two business days, with exception to payments made on Fridays and Saturdays, which are transmitted overnight on Sunday. When a payment is made by electronic banking, your financial institution may immediately return a confirmation or reference number to you. Please make note of this number and other payment details to ensure your payment can be traced, if necessary.


Getting Started: If you are interested in online banking, please contact your financial institution directly to learn more on how these services work and whether these services are available to you. Instructions may vary from one financial institution to another. Your financial institution also offers technical support and should be consulted directly if technical difficulties arise.

Payee/Merchant Type: When paying your Municipality of French River Property tax bill online, please be sure to select French River Mun of as the payee/merchant type. If you are unable to locate this payee name, please contact your financial institution directly for assistance.

Account Number: The number to be used as an account number is your roll number as shown in the right hand corner of your tax bill which contains fifteen (15) digits. Example Roll number as shown on your tax bill 070-000-19908-0000 must be entered as 070000199080000.


Incorrect payment made or payment applied to the wrong roll number: The Municipality of French River cannot reverse your online payment transaction. Please contact your financial institution directly with the confirmation/reference number for assistance. 

Pre-authorized Payment 

Please complete an Application for Pre-Authorized Payment. With pre-authorized payment you can authorize us to withdraw your tax payment based on the following payment schedule:

  • Monthly on the 20th of every month (must have registered before the 10th of the month)

  • Installment basis four (4) times a year on the due dates stated on the interim and final tax bills. (must have registered before March 10th or July 10th) 

Pre-Authorized Payment Form

Pay in Person:

Payments can be made at the Municipality of French River office via Cash, Cheque or Interac. Please note credit cards are not accepted.  Payments can also be made at most financial institutions (Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, CIBC, TD, Caisse Populaire) where you have an active bank account. Please note a fee for this service may be levied by your financial institution. These fees may vary between financial institutions. Payment should be made a minimum of five business days before the due date indicated on your bill. Please be aware that smaller financial institutions may hold payments until a volume or dollar amount has been reached. Please confirm with your financial institution to ensure your payment will be processed by the due date indicated on your bill.

Pay by Mail:

Send us a cheque or money order in Canadian Funds to:
Municipality of French River / Municipalité de la Rivière des Français
44 St. Christophe Street, P.O. Box 156, Noelville, ON, P0M 2N0
Please allow a minimum of eight business days for mail delivery through Canada Post.
Penalties / Interest Charge

A penalty may be imposed on the first day of default (day subsequent to the due date) at the rate of 1 ¼ per cent. Interest will be charged to property owners that have an outstanding balance on their account at a rate of 1 ¼ per cent each month. 

Multiple Accounts?

If you own multiple properties a payment for each account should be made with a separate payment (Telephone or Internet transaction, cheque, money order, debit transactions) to ensure the correct amount is credited to the right account. If you choose to make multiple payments on one cheque please ensure that all roll numbers and related amounts are properly identified in the memo portion of your payment. Multiple payments can be sent in the same envelope, provided there is an accompanying stub for each account.

Returned Payments/Insufficient Funds

A 40.00$ service charge will be added to your roll number if a cheque issued to the Municipality of French River is subsequently dishonored by a person's or company's financial institution.

Amount Received Differs from Amount Owed

If the payment amount differs from the amount indicated on the roll stubs or the directions enclosed, the Municipality of French River will use its discretion in applying the payment to the accounts involved. To avoid reconciliation problems/interest charges, we strongly recommend that payment for each account be made with a separate cheque.