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Internet Connectivity

The table below is a list of Internet Service Providers in the Region. Contact service providers to find out availability of service in your area.

Blue Sky Net

Blue Sky Net provides assistance and services for the Northeastern Ontario region. From assisting municipalities with GIS systems and archival projects to mapping out broadband services to the property level within our region.

Our focus at Blue Sky Net is to facilitate network expansion by helping to bring all levels of government together with one strategic goal and that is to resolve the ever-growing need for Broadband in your community so that we can all be on that level playing field to grow our communities.


Broadband & Associated Infrastructure Mapping Analysis Project (BAIMAP)

What is BAIMAP?
BAIMAP is a GIS application developed by Blue Sky Net which has access to broadband infrastructure data for Northern Ontario down to the property parcel level.

BAIMAP’s History.
It is has been a universal understanding for some time that access to high speed internet is essential for advancing our economy, quality of life and the sustainability of our communities. So why are there areas in Northern Ontario where high speed internet is not yet available to all our population?
In spite of the recognition of the need for better internet access, and the efforts of the private sector, Information Communication Technology Development organisations (ICTN’s) and provincial and federal funding programs, some areas remain un-served while others do not have the bandwidth capacity essential to serve the community needs. Due to low population densities, and environmental and geographic factors, private sector service providers have difficulty justifying the large investment necessary to extend basic service and increase the bandwidth capacity of their existing networks.