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AMPS Information

The Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMP) system is an emerging approach to dealing with minor by-law infractions fairly, effectively and efficiently. This approach has been adopted by numerous municipalities and is designed to streamline the enforcement process and increase compliance with specific Municipal By-laws. 

The AMP system of enforcement transfers by-law disputes from the courtroom to the municipality using Screening and Hearings Officers who can modify, cancel, or affirm penalties. This approach aids in reducing congestion in the courts and provides a more local and accessible dispute resolution system. 

If a municipality chooses to apply the AMP system to enforce their Municipal By-laws, they still have the option to issue a Part I or Part III (to appear in court) for more serious matters or for repeat offenders.

Council enacted the Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMP) system on June 15, 2022 and the phasing in of the new system will begin in 2022.

What is a Penalty Notice?

A Penalty Notice is issued by a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer to an individual when they have committed a by-law infraction. A Penalty Notice is the same as a “ticket” except that it requires payment of a penalty instead of a fine.

Penalty Notices issued under AMPS do not cost more than traditional fines. However, additional administrative fees may be applied to the original penalty amount in certain cases.  For instance, additional administrative fees are applied to late payments and the failure to attend a scheduled review with a Screening or Hearing Officer.

Under the AMP system, Penalty Notices can be disputed by requesting a review of the Administrative Penalty by a Screening Officer. If not satisfied by the decision of the Screening Officer, the matter may be taken to an external Hearing Officer. The decision of the Hearing Officer is final, and there is no further level of appeal.

You just received a Penalty Notice; what now?

Follow the instructions on the Penalty Notice, you have the following two options:

  • Pay the Penalty Notice; or 
  • Request a screening review to dispute the notice. 

Any outstanding penalties and additional fees are added to the tax roll of the person’s property in the Municipality and will be collected in the same manner as municipal taxes.

For more information, view the AMPS By-law 2022-32 and Request for Review (Form).

Pay your Penalty Notice: