Fire Permits

The Municipality of French River has adopted a revised Burning By-law to regulate all Open Air Fires within the Municipality. 
The new By-law includes: 
  • improved and additional Definitions
  • clearly outlined Prohibitions
  • clear authorities for Fire Bans
  • new prohibitions for Fireworks during a Fire Ban or a Restricted Fire Zone
  • clear provisions relating to Permits
  • new section for the Recovery of Costs associated with the Fire Department when responding to non-compliances  
  • new Fines for offences that are common across other municipalities

Burn Permits are required for all open air burning during the Fire Season from April 1st to October 31st; a Campfire ignited for cooking or warmth does not require a Permit but must follow the restrictions outlined in the By-law.
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Burn Permit Terms and Safe Burning Tips
  • No burning between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm 
  • Only burn in safe conditions, never on windy days
  • Keep your burning job small enough that you keep it under control at all times
  • Never leave a fire un-attended until the fire is out completely
  • Drown your fire once it is out to ensure embers don't start up again
Please refer to Burning By-law or Burn Permit for further instructions.
To receive automatic Notices of Fire Bans or Restricted Fire Zones, download our App by following these instructions.
Any questions about Safe Burning within our community can be forwarded or answered by the Fire Department at (705) 898-2811.
If there is an emergency please dial 911.