Appear before Council

What is a Delegation?

A Delegation allows an opportunity to individuals and groups to appear in person at a meeting to present concerns or information for Committee or Council's consideration.  

How can I appear as a Delegation before a Committee or Council?

Contact the Municipal Clerk's office at 705-898-2294 ext. 210 or by email for assistance in determining how to proceed and which Committee meeting you will need to attend.
To register as a Delegation, fill out the Delegation Form and provide it to the Clerk in person or by email. The Delegation Form needs to include the grounds for the presentation and must be submitted to the Clerk at least six (6) working days prior to the meeting.

More information about delegations and procedural matters can be found in the Procedural by-law. Each Delegation must not exceed 15 minutes. Afterwards, Members of Council may ask questions or request additional details.