Animal Control

Animal Control

The Municipality of French River requires that all dog owners register and licence any dog(s) which have attained at least six (6) months of age. When a dog is properly licensed it will aid in quickly identifying an animal for return to its owner when it is lost and/or found wandering the streets of our community by either the By-Law Enforcement Officer or concerned citizens.

If a dog is not licensed, the dog owner is subject to a fine of $75.00 (plus victim fine surcharge and court costs) as per by-law 2014-17.

The By-Law Enforcement Officer may be contacted for the following situations:

  • Dog(s) running at large
  • Dog(s) becoming a public nuisance
  • If a dog is lost or found
  • Dangerous dogs

You can purchase your dog license(s) at 3 locations within the Municipality: 

  • Municipal Office
  • Alban Public Library
  • Noëlville Public Library

Click here to view dog licensing fees

If you suspect a dog is, or has been subjected to abuse/cruelty, immediately report it to the Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). 

SPCA Sudbury Contact information:
Sudbury SPCA Website
Telephone (705) 566-9582