Operational Review (2016-2017)

The Municipality of French River retained the services of KPMG LLP in February 2016 to undertake an Operational Review. The intended objectives were:

  • To provide an overview and evaluation of the Municipality's operations, staffing and service levels;
  • To objectively evaluate the Municipality's operating effectiveness and efficiency, using consultations with staff, comparative analysis and process mapping; and
  • To identify potential opportunities for Council's consideration for changes that will maintain adequate service levels while allowing for the achievement of long-term sustainability for the Municipality.

The Final Report presented on March 2, 2017, outlines the analysis results, which provides 12 potential Opportunities for Council’s consideration.

The considerations for implementing the Opportunities and their prioritization are reported to Council on a monthly basis or as necessary; additional information on the items is available within the Council Agenda Packages and Minutes or by contacting Management.