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Code of Conduct

The Municipality of French River’s Code of Conduct is a public declaration of the principles of good conduct and ethics that Council has decided the public can reasonably expect in the performance of the responsibilities of elected community representatives or public appointees.

These standards will protect and enhance the role and image of Council and local government, which is expected to be the most transparent and accountable level of government.

This Code shall apply to the Mayor, all Council Members, and members of local Committees and Boards.

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Individuals who wish to make a formal complaint must do so by filling in the Complaint Form and Affidavit and by submitting directly to the Clerk. For further information relating to the complain process, please refer to the Code of Conduct.

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Click here to access the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act Complaint Form

Integrity Commissioner 

The Municipality of French River has appointed Cunningham, Swan LLP as the Municipality's Integrity Commissioner. 

The Integrity Commissioner is an independent and impartial position reporting directly to Council. The Integrity Commissioner is responsible for oversight of the Code of Conduct for Members of Council and members of local Committees and Boards. The role of the Integrity Commissioner is outlined in the Code of Conduct.