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Déposer une plainte

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction relating to the Municipality’s programs, services, facilities and employees and/or by-law complaints. A complaint is different from a request for service, inquiry, feedback, compliment, or suggestion.   

File a complaint

Before filing a complaint, determine whether your issue should be the subject of a service request, an inquiry, a suggestion or a complaint. For definitions, please see the Complaints Policy.

If you wish to file a complaint under a settlement, complete the Complaint Form. You can print it and present it in person at the municipal office or save the file and submit it by email to

All complaints shall be in writing, and may be submitted in a number of ways, complainants are encouraged to use the Complaint Form: 

  • in person or by mail at the Municipal Office at 44 St. Christophe Street, PO Box 156, Noëlville, ON P0M 2N0; 
  • by email at;
  • online on the Municipal website;  
  • by fax at 705.898.2181; or  
  • by phone at 705.898.2294. 

Verbal complaints received by phone must be documented in writing by the staff member receiving the complaint, must include the same information that is required for complaints submitted in writing and the complaint must indicate that the complainant has given their consent. 

The complaint must include the following information:

  • Contact information of the complainant; 
  • Date and time of occurrence; 
  • Specific details to be considered in the investigation; 
  • Details of occurrence, such as but not limited to, location, address, and who was involved (if applicable); 
  • Signature and date.

Complaints lacking sufficient information may not be investigated. Frivolous or Vexatious complaints, as determined by the CAO or designate in consultation with the appropriate Department Head, may not be investigated.    

Once a complaint is received, staff will document the complaint and the complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate department for investigation and action. Within 5 (five) business days of receipt of the complaint, an acknowledgement will be provided to the complainant either in person at the point of service by the staff member receiving it, by phone or in writing (by e-mail or mail). The acknowledgement will identify who will be assigned to investigate and follow up on the complaint as well as their contact information.   

The Investigator assigned to the complaint shall review the issues identified by the Complainant and in doing so may review relevant municipal and provincial legislation, relevant municipal policies and procedures, interview employees or persons external to the municipality, review file documents, identify actions that may be taken to address the complaint or improve municipal operations.  

For further information please review our Complaint Policy.