SEBBS is responsible for overseeing the Licensing for the Municipalities within Sudbury East. The following is a list of Licenses currently being enforced.  

Short Term Rental (STR)

A Short-term rental (STR) is all or part of a dwelling unit rented out for less than 30 consecutive days. STR accommodations are commonly offered through online platforms such as Airbnb, Vrbo and Kijiji. 

To regulate Short Term Rentals (STR), the Zoning By-law requires a general amendment to define a short-term rental accommodation and to regulate them through licensing.  

Travel Trailer Licensing

Before this by-law was enacted, the use of a travel trailer on non-commercial lots was illegal. Therefore, the Travel Trailer By-law allows trailers (on specified properties identified within the Zoning By-law) to be used for up to 14 days without a license and will allow for longer use between May and November with a license granted from the Municipality.

Please note! – A licence cannot be issued for a Travel Trailer on a vacant lot unless a Building Permit has been issued.