SEBBS is a shared service agreement between the Municipalities of French River, Killarney and St.-Charles formed to administer and enforce local By-Laws. 

Under the authority of the Provincial Statutes, By-laws are created to address issues and concerns of the local community. They are created to protect the environment, public health, and public safety or to maintain an orderly appearance in your community.

Common By-law Infractions Include:

Messy Yards
Dog Off Leash
Noise Complaint
Burning or Fireworks at inappropriate times
Snow Removal
Parking and Traffic
Zoning Violations
Building structures without permits

The role of the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer (MLEO) includes education, investigation and enforcement of all By-laws within the Municipality. An MLEO doesn't need to attend each site to conduct enforcement procedures. Usually, the MLEO will rely on information provided by the complainant.

Report A By-Law Infraction

It is always best if neighbours can respectfully resolve their issues without submitting a complaint. If possible, discuss the problem with your neighbour. Remember to focus on the issue, listen to their concerns, and look for mutually beneficial solutions.

If your efforts to resolve the matter with your neighbour have been unsuccessful, the SEBBS team may be able to assist in resolving the issue. Contact SEBBS to learn about Municipal By-laws and if they apply to your situation.

To submit a by-law complaint, click here.

Submissions are reviewed during regular office hours. Within 5 (five) business days of receipt of the complaint, an acknowledgement will be provided to the complainant either in person at the point of service by the staff member receiving it, by phone or in writing (via e-mail or mail). The acknowledgement will identify who will be assigned to investigate and follow up on the complaint and the investigator will provide the complainant with their contact information. All complaints are kept confidential.

Contact Information

Phone: 705-507-1177

To report an emergency, please call 9-1-1. 

For non-emergency complaints related to public nuisance, property damage, vandalism, public alcohol consumption, traffic and criminal activities. Call the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) at 1-888-310-1122 for complaints.

For complaints about municipal services (ex. roads, sewers, culverts)  please contact your local municipality.