Accessory Building (Garages/Shed)

Accessory Building

The Sudbury East Building and By-law Services (SEBBS) department has created a step-by-step checklist to guide the builder to complete the building permit application.

Please download the Checklist and follow the instructions. Send the completed document with attachments to the SEBBS email provided within the form, or print off the checklist and forms to be submitted at your municipal office.

Please note: This checklist is meant as a guideline ONLY, to help residents compile the information required to apply for a building permit. Completion of this checklist DOES NOT GUARANTEE the approval of a building permit. Please be advised that upon acceptance, and during the permit review process, the applicant may be required to produce additional information to ensure compliance with applicable federal, provincial and municipal regulations. 

Should you have any further questions after reviewing the provided checklist please contact us.