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Building Code News

Posted April 25, 2023

Changes to allowable shed size exempt from building permits.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) made amendments (Ontario Regulation 867/21) to Ontario’s Building Code related to building permit requirements for sheds. The changes provide more flexibility for property owners who want to store their equipment and other belongings in sheds.

Effective April 29, 2022, a shed is exempt from the requirement to obtain a permit under section 8 of the Act and is exempt from compliance with this Code, provided that the shed is:

  • no more than 15 m2 in gross area;
  • no more than one storey in building height;
  • not attached to a building or any other structure; 
  • is used solely for storage purposes ancillary to a principal building on the lot; and
  • does not have plumbing.

If you have further questions or need confirmation about a specific project, please contact the Building Department at 705-507-1177.