A building permit gives you legal authorization to start construction or demolition of a building project in accordance with approved drawings and specifications. Building permits are issued by each municipality through Sudbury East Building Bylaw Services (SEBBS). Building permits are reviewed for compliance with the Ontario Building Code, applicable municipal zoning bylaw and other provincial and municipal regulations for the protection of public safety, heath and welfare.

A building permit is the best way to protect a major investment in your home. A building permit ensures compliance with the Ontario Building Code, municipal bylaws and any other applicable laws. It ensures that minimum construction standards are met and appropriate materials are used. It provides access to the professional advice of Building Services staff during the design and construction phases of your project to avoid problems in the future.

Construction, alteration, conversion and demolition cannot start until a building permit is issued. Starting construction without a permit is illegal and a Provincial Offence under the Ontario Building Code Act. Charges may be laid. At a minimum, you will be subjected to an extra administration fee.

In general, a building permit is required to erect, install, extend, alter or repair a building. The following are examples of projects that require building permits:

Construction of any new structure, including decks, garages, sheds and playhouses, larger than 108 square feet (10 square meters).

Addition of carport, garage, attached deck, porch, room(s), dormer, roof over a deck, second storey to an existing home or second storey dwelling unit.

Renovations to the exterior of your home including construction or repair of foundation including weeping tiles, installation of siding or brick and the addition or alteration of windows and doors.

Interior renovations that change or remove partitions and load-bearing walls and installation of insulation, air/vapour barrier and drywall.

Installation of fireplace/wood-stove or installation/repair of chimney.

Installation of a mobile or modular home on your property.

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Acquiring a building permit is ultimately the homeowner's responsibility, but an architect, designer or contractor may obtain a building permit on the owner's behalf with written permission from the owner.

In some circumstances, Building Services staff will inform you that additional approvals are required before a building permit will be issued. Examples include: 

  • A septic system permit for new dwellings or additions. Contact the Sudbury District Health Unit for applications and information at (705) 522-9200.  
  • A building permit from the Ministry of Transportation if any part of your property fronts a provincial highway. Contact the Ministry of Transportation at (705) 564-7706. 
  • A plumbing permit for installation, major alteration and addition to a plumbing system. 
  • A minor variance for existing or proposed structures that do not meet the standards set out in the municipal zoning by-law, or an application for consent to subdivide land (lot split or lot addition) without the requirement of a plan of subdivision. Contact the Sudbury East Planning Board at (705) 967- 2174.
  • A permit for electrical work such as lights, wiring, switches and outlets. Contact the Electrical Safety Authority at 1 (877) 372-7233. 
  • A demolition permit before you take down all or part of a building. 
  • A swimming pool enclosure permit for outdoor swimming pools. 


Different types of permits will require different information, but each application will require some of the following: 
A complete application including a letter of authorization from the property owner should the applicant not be the owner. 
Two sets of construction drawings which may include: 
  • Foundation plan (new construction, an addition, installing a basement or repairing a foundation)
  • Cross section showing load-bearing walls and beams (new construction, interior renovations)
  • Elevation plan (new construction, alteration to the exterior of your home)
  • Floor plan (new construction, an addition, renovations to the existing structure) 
  • Drainage plan
  • Energy Efficiency Design Summary for new home construction and some additions
  • HVAC, truss plans and plumbing plans (to be submitted at corresponding inspections during construction) 
A site plan or plot plan showing the following:  
  • Lot dimensions
  • Location of easements 
  • Size and location of existing structures and proposed structures 
  • The distance between structures and proposed structures 
  • The distance between structures and distance to property lines
  • Drainage patterns
  • Driveway
  • Septic systems (including the direction of drainage) and wells
Permit fees paid to your local municipality. These fees will be calculated by Building Department staff and will be owed before permits are issued.  



BCIN stands for Building Code Identification Number. It is issued to designers by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
In general, designers other than professional engineers and architects that engage in the following 'design activities' are required to meet the qualification/registration requirements under the Building Code. 
Preparing a design as a part of a building application; 
Giving information or an opinion concerning whether a building or part of a building complies with the Building Code if the information or opinion is to be submitted to a Chief Building Official in connection with a building permit application; and 
Preparing a written report for submission to the Chief Building Official based on a general review, where the Building Code requires a general requires a general review. 
Homeowner's who do their own design work are not required to obtain a BCIN. 


It is important for applicants to understand what constitutes a complete application. An application can be considered to be complete where the Application to Construct or Demolish has been properly completed and signed and complete plans have been provided along with a site plan.

In some cases, applicants will also need to provide proof of completed submission of application to other agencies, including but not limited to the Sudbury and District Health Unit, the Sudbury East Planning Board, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Engineering Services, Fire Services, the Electrical Safety Authority, or Hydro One.

Questions about a complete submission can be answered by Contacting Sudbury East Building and Bylaw Services Department at (705) 507-1177 or sebbs@sebbs.ca.

Each building permit application undergoes a zoning review and an Ontario Building Code construction standards review. Building Services staff will inform you whether additional approvals are required before a building permit can be issued.

Projects that do not comply with the zoning by-law will be referred to the Sudbury East Planning Board.

Additional approval agencies may include but are not limited to: Engineering Services, Fire Services, Sudbury & District Health Unit, Conservation Authority, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Electrical Safety Authority or Hydro One.

The property owner is responsible for obtaining required approvals from all agencies and authorities. A building permit cannot be issued until all requirements have been met.

The Ontario Building Code allows ten (10) working days to process and issue residential building permits (longer for commercial or industrial applications), provided your proposal is complete and complies with the Building Code, the local zoning bylaw and all other applicable laws.

If a zoning changes or a minor variance is necessary or if building plans must be altered to comply with the Building Code, it will take longer to obtain your permit.

If additional permits are required, or if engineering services are required, it will take longer to obtain your permit.

Incomplete application or plans will not be accepted. Assembling and submitting the proper documentation will hasten your application through the approvals process. Sudbury East Building and Bylaw services will help direct you to the necessary agencies.

Fees for building permits are governed by the Ontario Building Code and are adjusted annually under your local municipalities bylaws. You can contact Building Services for assistance in determining your permit fee. All fees must be paid in full before staff can issue a building permit.

All building permit fees shall be paid to your local Municipal office. The following is a list of payment options available at each office:

Killarney: Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card (can be accepted over the phone) or Cheque

Markstay-Warren: Cash, Debit Card, Cheque

St. Charles - Cash, Debit Card, Cheque

French River - Cash, Debit Card, Cheque

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Sudbury East Building and Bylaw Services can be reached at (705) 507-1177 or by email at sebbs@sebbs.ca
Applications can be accepted in person, or via email. Click here for a Building Permit Application. Please contact the department ahead of time to make an appointment.


All septic system questions, including the use of outhouses, grey water pits or full septic systems, should be directed to the Sudbury and District Health Unit (705) 522-9200 or visit their website at www.phsd.ca

If you are considering to construct or renovate a house/barn/shed, drilling a well, installing a pool, etc. close to or adjacent to a provincial highway, you may require a residential Building and Land Use Permit. For more information, contact the Sudbury Ministry of Transportation office at (705) 564-7722. Application for Highway Corridor Management Permits can be found at www.mto.gov.on.ca


For driveways and culverts, building searches, freedom of information requests, tax Certificates and tax Information, as well as information about local services such as garbage pick up and road maintenance, contact your local municipality at: 
  • Municipality of French River - (705) 898-2294
  • Municipality of Markstay-Warren - (705) 853-4536
  • Municipality of Killarney - (705) 287-2424
  • Municipality of St.-Charles - (705) 867-2032
For building on a highway, contact the Ministry of Transportation at (705) 564-7722, or visit their website at www.mto.gov.on.ca.
For septic systems, contact the Sudbury and District Health Unit at (705) 522-9200, or visit their website at www.phsd.ca.
For rezoning, severance, and zoning inquiry, contact Sudbury East Planning Board at (705) 967-2174, or visit their website at www.sepd.org.
For property assessment information, contact MPAC at 1 (866) 296-6722, or visit their website at www.mpac.ca.
For all other inquiries, contact the Sudbury East Building and Bylaw Services at (705) 507-1177, or by email at sebbs@sebbs.ca.