Waste Management Operation Review 2020

Waste Management Operations Review 2020

In June of 2019, the Environmental Advisory Committee discussed deficiencies within the Municipality’s current waste collection and diversion system at which time they passed a motion to recommend to Council to direct staff to analyze and research alternatives to the current system.

In December 2019, Council had an opportunity to apply for funding to engage the services of an established consulting firm with the experience and technical abilities to provide the Municipality with a comprehensive review and analysis of the current waste collection and diversion operations. The Municipality was awarded funding through the modernization fund in March of 2020 for small and rural communities to plan, modernize and improve the way they provide services to their communities.

In May 2020 and in collaboration with the Municipality, the firm J2Pg Consultants Inc. released an online survey for ratepayers on the level of service of the current system.

J2Pg Consultants Inc. spent several months reviewing the current system, the survey results, data collection, operations and interviewed Council. They presented the Draft Waste Management Operations Review 2020 Report at the Council Meeting held October 7, 2020, with the Final Report being presented at the meeting held October 21, 2020.

Council has referred the Final Waste Management Operations Review 2020 Report to the Environmental Advisory Committee for review and discussion.

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