Vulnerable Person Registry

Vulnerable Person Registry 

The Vulnerable Persons Registry (VPR) is a free, voluntary, and confidential service aimed at improving the safety of residents living at home who would be at greater risk during emergencies.

The VPR improves safety by providing key information to emergency response teams in order to help them be more aware when addressing large scale emergencies.

Any persons living within the VPR jurisdiction (which includes French River) can register if you have severe difficulty with any of the following:

  • Mobility, vision, or hearing.
  • Developmental/ Intellectual, cognitive, or mental health.
  • Any resident of French River living at home who requires electricity for life-sustaining equipment such as life support, oxygen, dialysis, etc.

You are not eligible if:

  • You are receiving 24-hour support from a caregiver or home care aide (exceptions may apply).
  • You are receiving care or assistance from a long-term care home or supportive housing facility.
  • You are under the age of 18 and receive parent/guardian support (exceptions may apply).
    • Children with intensive needs or children that require electricity for life-sustaining equipment can be considered for eligibility.

 Click here to register with the Vulnerable Person Registry