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Did you know?

Current By-laws state that any use of travel trailers is prohibited on Waterfront Residential, Residential or Rural property for anything other than storing the trailer when it is not in use?

The Municipality‚Äôs current Zoning Bylaw states that travel trailers are ONLY allowed on Commercial Tourist and Waterfront Commercial Tourist zones.  All other zones do not permit travel trailers for temporary or permanent living or eating accommodation.  This is a common regulation across Ontario.  Current Zoning By-laws allow trailer storage when it is not in use, and travel trailers can be used temporarily if a property has a building permit for a dwelling in place.

The Sudbury East Planning Board and the Sudbury East Municipalities have been studying this issue. A draft by-law has been proposed that would allow limited Travel Trailer use on Waterfront Residential and Rural properties.  You can view the proposed by-law by clicking here. Copies will also be available for review at your Municipal office.

IF YOU HAVE AN OPINION ON THIS ISSUE - Please participate in our Trailer By-law Public Opinion Survey by clicking this link

DRAFT - Amendment to Zoning By-law 2014-23 

The survey will be open until March 31, 2019.  These important results will be complied and presented to Council to help them to make a decision on this issue.  Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.